Comic Artists Forum – Jannie Ho and Adobe Illustrator

Sunday June 3 | 1:00-3:00 PM | Downtown 4th Floor Meeting Room

Chickengirl is back! Cartoonist and children's book illustrator Jannie Ho will offer a demonstration on the use of Adobe Illustrator for creating comics and discuss the pros and cons of creating and submitting work with Illustrator. Illustrator is a popular tool in the publishing world and one to become acquainted with if you have never used it.

Join the Forum to get fresh ideas for your next comics or graphic novel creation. Drawing supplies will be provided, so drop in to draw, learn, and network with other cartoonists.


Please tell me that you will record this and provide a video recording for those that cannot attend. It would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry - we do record several programs each month - but this it not on the schedule to be recorded for June.

How sad. Thanks anyway.

I love making comics!

It will be great getting some professional help with making comics.

Jannie Ho's cartoons are terrific! Wish I had heard about this three months ago!