Cool you get to play with your food

Thanks for the list! Nice resource since we weren't able to go to the event

These books look interesting.

Cool event. I wish I could've went. :( <=== Too busy going to KRC.

I wish we could have made it

Even though I couldn't attend the event, I still have many good books about it.

this sounded fun


lol i dont like playing with food unless im cooking otherwise i like EATING...

not really

what is KRC?

"KRC" was the acronym for "Kids Read Comics", an event that was held in the downtown library in July.

That seems soooo cool!!! who doesn't want to play with their food!!!!! I only wish I could have come...

love it

it's nice

I wish I could've come....

This was alot of fun

@ Zhengyang1022: It's for K-5 you aren't in the age group.


Erin has the best programs!