Nature Notebooks!


My wife would love one of these notebooks, even now.

I wish I could have gone. :(

Wish I could've gone but it's for K-5. I'm in 8th :(

This reminds me of my advanced botany class senior year at UM. We had little field notebooks to record plant specimens and characteristics. Nice to see we're getting the plant enthusiasts young!

Pittsfield. I probably can't come. (And even if I went, I'm too old.)

Cool. My brother would love that. I only wish I could come...

I'm getting "item not found" for several of these.

Clare Walker Leslie's books are fantastic.

I wish all the summer activities weren't in early afternoon. The youngest member of my family naps at that time, leaving us unable to attend many of these utterly fantastic-sounding events.

I can't find some of these books, either...

It was a very good program. We enjoyed it. The link to some of the books are not working but if you search in the catalogs they are there.

Oh, I found the books. :)

Links in this blog have been fixed. Also, all of the books can be found in the Nature Notebook List under "Public Lists" in the catalog. Enjoy!


Drat, we had to miss both of them due to scheduling conflicts - is there any hope for a repeat in the fall?

This event looks so fun...! It's sad that it already passed...

I don't think I ever go to enough events, every year.

we enjoyed making these notebooks