Spend Your Summer Fighting Dragons!

Need something to do Wednesday nights this summer? Why not try playing the fantasy role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons? Local comic and gaming shop, Vault of Midnight, sponsors a weekly game called D&D Encounters which has a new season starting May 16th.

The “Dungeon Master” and other players are always welcoming to help newcomers get into the game, and the library has everything you’ll need to create a character: Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms and Heroes of the Fallen Lands have all the information needed to create your own human wizard, dwarf cleric, elf ranger, halfling thief, and many more.

Dungeons and Dragons is a cooperative game from Wizards of the Coast where a group of players take on the role of heroic adventurers and travel to distant lands and work together to battle monsters and villains to save the day. A “Dungeon Master” (or Game Master) runs the game for the players, usually telling a story along the way. The game combines the team-building and strategy of sports with creativity and imagination. Kids of all ages learn to work together and use their particular skills to help solve problems.

If you’re still unsure about joining the game, I’d encourage you to check out Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Dungeons and Dragons by Shelly Mazzanoble, or one of the graphic novels that follow the adventures of Fell's Five, starting with Dungeons & Dragons. Volume 1, Shadowplague


Sounds fun!

We still meet every week. I hope to see more people coming. And don't forget that you can check out the books from the library.

It is. You should definitely come.