Looking Forward to SUMMER GAME 2012!

You've waited patiently all winter long. You've played the POINTS-O-MATIC CLICK-O-TRON and TREASURE QUEST to tide you over. Now, the plants are budding, the weather is nicer, and you feel it coming: Summer Game 2012!

But what will Summer Game 2012 be this year? Could there be codes hidden in the catalog and around the library? Could there still be badges to earn by hunting deep in the library website? Points for reading, listening, or watching media? Or for going to events, tagging and reviewing items in the catalog, or even just for checking out library items?


This year's Summer Game will have all the great things about last year's game, with a healthy dose of new stuff thrown in: all new codes, all new badges, all new items in the Summer Game Shop, all new ways to earn points! AND this year there will be some new features, too: Teams! Tokens! What can those be?

You'll find out soon: Summer Game 2012 starts June 15! Be sure to get on the website the first day to start earning points, make your way to the top of the leaderboard, and try to stay king of the mountain until the game ends August 31! Earning enough points will get you ready to make purchases from the Summer Game Shop when it opens on July 2 (and for everybody who played last year, you still have all of your leftover points to spend, too). And if you missed last year's game, don't worry: you can still earn some of last year's badges and get some of last year's points when Summer Game 2012 starts.

Summer Game 2012! It's a whole new ball game! PLAY!


It's going to be so confusing, trying to figure out what are badges I already did last year and the badges that are new this year.

Oh no worries, Morgsush. We'll be reorganizing the badge page completely, and it will be easy to tell which badges are from which year and which you already have and which you still need.

so many new things...... I want them all!

This is going to be so fun!!

I agree with you Anly! :)

Who is Anly, Jessica?

I wonder too, Anly.
But who's Jessica?

I don't know who Jessica is, Jessica.

Smiles must be Anly. Morgsush must be Jessica. Unless, of course, they're on a mission to confuse everyone.

* whispers to Smiles, "Operation CONFUSION was a success!" *

high five, Morgsush!

This years summer reading program sounds fun. I look forward to reading reading reading.

i wish the improvements would come NOW. it's such a chore to scroll down....down....down till I get to treasure quest, which I STILL haven't completed, which is frustrating, since the tokens mush be really valuable if there's only three

Counting the days - can't wait for the new Summer Game to begin!!

It would be sooo awesome to have teams!!

another confusion operation?

So Anly, would you like Leo to be on our team? *wink*

I finished Treasure Quest, but I still haven't gotten my secret shop tokens. is there something else i'm supposed to do?

Re: Morgsush

Oh, no.

And, Bookbird is Leo.

When tomorrow are the game codes for SRG 2012 going live?

Yes Jessica, that would be nice. : )
Why don't we tell Leo that?

It is now June 15 - 12:12 AM -
Let the Summer Game begin!

Let it begin, yes. But where are all the badges? It's 5:35 AM.

::Edit:: Still no badges at 6:43 AM. And yes, I got up that early.

Wow! how do you earn a secret shop token badge?

There's a badge for that?

Actually, Bookbird isn't Leo.

Hopefully I'm not the only one confused by this Anly/Jessica/Leo business :P

Re: Morgsush
I wonder if Leo knows we're doing this.

I hope he does...

Right now, secret shop tokens are only available to players who completed the super-hard Treasure Quest! Players who completed it before summer game earned 3 secret shop tokens; players who complete it now will earn 1. Stay tuned for more details about the mysterious secret shop!


thank you people for understanding that i'm NOT Leo (i'm not a boy). also not part of the confusion thing, though it is interesting.

Do we get the tokens automatically or is it done manually?

:edit: I got them. thanks!

This year's game is even more fun than last year's!!

Re: Bookbird

Thank you, for understanding the genius of our plan. ;)

I missed the Treasure thing, but I'm going to play this one :)

You can still play the treasure quest, I am pretty sure, even if the rewards are reduced. They are much harder quests, but lots of good hints were generated. I encourage you to give it a try if you have the interest.

Now that Treasure Quest is over, it's time for Summer Game 2012!

Yay! Go Summer Game! :)

mrsaturns, you should still try to play Treasure Quest. It's very fun and challenging.

If Leo doesn't know we are doing this, I will email him and tell him our plan : ).

Make sure you tell him before the whole thing gets out of hand. :)

Then I'm afraid it's a bit too late...

Do you think it would be too confusing of we said there were two Jessicas?

I already mentioned another Jessica in one of my comments... But, she usually doesn't spend as much time on Summer Game as we do. :)

BTW, she thinks that I (and you too, Smiles) am too obsessed with the Summer Game. I disagree; I am just enjoying a game that the library has to offer.

I hoped you told him, though (and be sure to show him the comments).

I'm not obsessed but someone with 57,000+ points... I'm not so sure about.

Excuse me?! Look who's talking, the person who comments on almost every post I see. *cough cough*

I just have a lot of free time that I enjoy spending on the Summer Game.

Actually, now I have 59,000+ points. Just saying...

You comment on a lot of posts too!! See, you are so obsessed you play at 10:30!!

*cough* You *cough* posted that comment at *cough* 10:44 *cough*.

Go summer game

when is the last set of badges being handed out

when are the next set of badges coming?

The next set of badges are coming this Friday, June 22.

I CAN'T WAIT!!! :)

I hope they are like last years--super comment badge, etc.

looking forward to it!

I will finally be relieved of my boredom when the badges come. :)

Watching MLP can cure boredom (unless you watch an entire season in one day).

That's very true. BRONIES FOREVER!

Hahaha. :)

Sadly, Season 3 will not be out for a long time. :(

Why not?

Yeah, why not? My kids love MLP, and even I admit it is decently written and well-executed. (That is adult for I like it but I'm not supposed to admit it. lol.). Are we talking they are not out yet and will be sometime in the next year, or are we talking something unusual?

Haha, that is very funny cherylo (in a good way). I need to agree that MLP--the new one--is much better than the old one. I can't wait for the season to come out!

Me neither! Cherylo, I never knew you were a fan of MLP:FiM. O_o
I think it's because they're working on a brony documentary right now, or something else.

Are there any other bronies playing the Summer Game?

What's MPL? I'm frustrated that people move on to other topics before I can add my opinion. Oh, and your welcome Morgsush. Q: why Morgsush, of all the other possible names? Wish I had as much extra time and more willing parents, who are not so much against Summer Game as kids on computer. Then I would have a much better chance of being in top ten. I know, obsessing, but it's fun. Alaska never had this when I was there.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a relatively new/reboot of the old series. Some of the people working on it were involved in the production of the Power Puff Girls. It is a breath of fresh air compared to the original animated adventure of the ponies.

My question is this, though, do you get to call yourself a 'bronie' (usually, a male adult fan of MLP:FiM as I have heard it) if you are not male and/or not over age 30? Has it broadened out to mean any fan of MLP?

Re: Bookbird
Well, Morgan was the name of my best friend. Also, some people call me "Sushi" (kind of sounds like my legal name). So, I just combined the two. :)
MLP:FiM stands for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, an awesome you should not judge based on the title. Seriously, it's not just for little kids. You should watch it.

Re: cherylo
Brony now has broadened to mean any fan of MLP, that's true. However, some female fans like to refer to themselves as "pegasisters."

Re: hermes birkin bags
Spamming, huh?

Pegasisters! That's great! it put a BIG smile on my daughter's face.

Is Pegasisters about MLP? (Just wondering)

Yes, pegasisters is about MLP. (pegasus + sister= pegasister Just like brony= brother + pony) :)

That is kind of confusing but understandable.

I got it.

So, is anyone else a brony/pegasister?

so many badges...

If they all went to our school, they would probably be one.

That was a cool introduction

@Cherylo and Morgsush
Oh that's a good idea. I'll start doing the treasure quests.

First time I ever played. I'm excited to see how many points I can get.

The treasure quests are much, much harder than the summer game badges.

I agree.

For treasure quest you had to find 3 things and the clues were harder too

Riddles, Ciphers. For the determined, bored, and genius, I think mostly.

And for people who are crazy about points...

Like me!
Just kidding... (Seriously. I'm just kidding.)

Riiiiighhhtttt.............................. Explain the Top of the Leaderboard title then.

It's called "I want to actually buy stuff this year".

Interesting explanation. I see you are NOT crazy about points.

Not crazy about points as in: Finished Treasure quest and #1 on the 2012 leaderboard.

I totally agree. Morgsush is OBVIOUSLY not crazy about points because being #1 on the leaderboard does not mean anything.

I'm not crazy about points! I really liked finding the badges and solving the riddles in Treasure Quest. (BTW, the only you could earn points in Treasure Quest was by solving the riddles, which were REALLY fun to solve. I did it purely out of fun. Oh, and Smiles finished Treasure Quest too.)

Seriously! I'm not crazy about points.
I just want to be able to get what I want in the shop, so I'm saving up. (Last year I didn't really care about the Summer Game.)

Saving up to buy what... a bunch of chocolates?