A Fun, Brightly Colored Research Database!

eLibrary Elementary is an extremely useful tool for kids doing research. Offered through ProQuest, this database offers a wide range of articles from magazines, books, and newspapers. Geared towards kids, this highly accessible research tool features a bright, user friendly interface with plenty of helpful hints for young researchers. eLibrary Elementary also provides pictures, maps, video, and audio as well as transcripts of TV and radio shows. While the eLibrary is built to appeal to the Kindergarten - 6th grade set, people of all ages may find this resource helpful.

Access to this and any of our other reference databases and resources is available at every branch of the AADL, as well as from outside the library with a valid AADL library card. For access from an outside location, please sign in to your library account, visit our reference database page, and navigate to the desired resource. To access eLibrary Elementary, go to the research page, and select eLibrary Elementary from the Kids category.


Seems like they should call this database eLibrary Basic, since it's useful for some kids beyond elementary :-)
jaegerla blog & image +++

I'll have to help my kids check this out. They don't have any experience with databases and this seems like a good way to introduce them in a way that won't be seem dreary.