Top Ten Movies of All Time

Once a decade Sight and Sound magazine does a poll of critics on their top 10 films of all time. While the 2012 poll is being compiled you can view previous poll results on their website. Roger Ebert has posted his choices for 2012 and explains why he chose them. While most of his choices stayed the same he did replace the Dekalog series with Tree of Life. Here is Roger's full list:


I look forward every decade to getting in fights over Sight and Sound's poll. :) As for Tree of Life, I'm just happy Malick made it, that he took his time and the risk. As Ebert says: "There were once several directors who yearned to make no less than a masterpiece, but now there are only a few."

I tried to watch "A Tree Of Life," but I couldn't get into it and kept falling asleep. I'll have to try it again and hope for better times.

I love anything by Herzog and Aguirre is a masterpiece along with Fitzcarraldo! But there are so many choices of great movies it would be difficult for me to choose just 10. I definitely wouldn't put Raging Bull or Tree of Life (beautiful to look at) on my list.

While I understand the importance of artsy movies, there's something to be said for movies that entertain, and while they may not appeal to the uppity film critics, they are, in essence "better" than many of these on the list.

So ignore the critics, and just watch what you like.