White Market

White Market, a locally owned market at 609 East William Street, has been in business for at least 84 years. While the exact date it opened is unknown, a newspaper article from 1984 indicates that it was "in business as early as 1928." In 1939, the shop was at the retail space next door, 607 E. William St.

White Market, 607 E. William St.

Twenty years after that photo was taken, the market moved to its current location in 1948 next door. The new store:

White Market, 609 E. William St.

The permit for the upgrade estimated a cost of $25,000; however, when the opening occurred five months later, the cost was reported to be $50,000. The move was a major expansion for the grocery, tripling its square footage. It also became partially self-serve. White Market also doubled its staff from 6 to 12, and added two new departments: a delicatessen and a bakery.

After the move and remodel of 1948, the White Market hasn't changed much. Other than painting the sign white from its original black, the facade has remained the same for the last 64 years.


We walk past White Market all the time. We'll have to stop in sometime to see how it has held up in its current location.