Dick Clark, America's "oldest teenager," has died at 82

Dick Clark, host of American Bandstand for 30 years and THE face of New Year's Eve in Times Square since 1972, died today.

American Bandstand debuted in 1952. What began as a radio program in which teens could vote for their favorite song of the week, quickly morphed into a hit TV show where teens danced and critiqued the songs ("I give it a 20 -- I like the words, but it's hard to dance to."). Record producers paid a lot of attention to the music Clark highlighted, although the kids didn't always get it right. (One of their biggest 'fails' was The Beatles' She Loves You). For an in-depth history of this history-making show, check out John A. Jackson's American Bandstand: Dick Clark and the Making of a Rock 'n' Roll Empire (1997).

His media empire expanded to include beauty pageants, Daytime Emmys, the Golden Globe Awards, The $10,000 Pyramid and endless Bloopers shows.

Dick Clark, America's oldest teenager, who earned this moniker for his perpetual youthful appearance, died at 82 of a heart attack.