Stricken with Titanic Fever?

It seems everywhere you turn these days you hear or see something about the Titanic. For kids and teens, there are several new books available that look at the legendary disaster in many different ways.

Explore Titanic:Breathtaking New Pictures, Recreated with Digital Technology by Peter Chrisp showcases approximately 125 photos and illustrations in color and black and white, including 12 3D-rendered graphics, to tell the Titanic's story, from its 1911 launching at the Belfast shipyard to its tragic destruction on April 15, 1912 during its maiden Atlantic crossing. There are faithful reproductions of both exterior and interior ship's details, from the Boiler Room and Engine Room far below decks to the luxury passengers' cabins and the ship's grand ballroom.

Titanic Sinks! by Barry Denenberg is a unique combination of fiction and nonfiction. A fictional framework presents the true story of the building and launching of the Titanic. Lavishly designed with authentic period photographs and illustrations throughout, this book immerses you in the era of the Titanic and reminds you why it's still a cultural touchstone a hundred years after its tragic demise.

While unpacking a special collection of Titanic artifacts at the local museum, best friends Tucker and Maya touch a canceled ticket and find themselves transported back to Queenstown, Ireland, where the Titanic is boarding--can they figure out how to save a new friend, and still get back to their own time? Time Voyage is the first book of a four part series, Return to Titanic, by Steve Brezenoff.

The Watch that Ends the Night : Voices from the Titanic by Allan Wolf, for Teens and Adults, is a richly textured novel in verse that recreates the Titanic's ill-fated journey, through the voices of her passengers, crew, ship's rats, and even the iceberg itself. "A masterpiece. Wolf leaves no emotion unplumbed, no area of research uninvestigated, and his voices are so authentic they hurt. Everyone should read it." (Booklist).

Imagine if wearing a vintage dress could whisk you away to the time and place it was last worn. In The Time-Traveling Fashionista by Bianca Turetsky, twelve-year-old Louise tries on an evening gown at a vintage sale and finds herself in 1912 aboard the Titanic as the gown's original owner, silent film star Alice Baxter.

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