This Week In Booklists

Notable dates for the week of April 3 to April 9

April 3 April is both Emotional Overeating Awareness Month and Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month

April 4 Paraprofessional Appreciation Day. Many of the employees at the library are considered paraprofessionals.

April 5 National Fun At Work Day. Go on, get that extra shot of espresso in your coffee this morning.

April 6 Good Friday and Passover fall on the same day

April 7 1,561 years ago today Attila the Hun sacked Metz as well as the surrounding villages.

April 8 Bat Appreciation Week kicks off today and runs through April 14th

April 9 The Kamikaze landed in London 75 years ago. It was the first Japanese-built airplane to fly across Europe.


_Great_ booklists this week!

Appreciating all the wonderful paraprofessionals that work at the aadl has me so worked up. Does anyone else enjoy ketchup on their grilled cheese?

Ketchup on grilled cheese? Ew. Then again, my mom used to put Miracle Whip on ours when we were kids, which I now find equally gross. Somehow I feel like I didn't appreciate the AADL paraprofessionals (or bats) nearly enough last week....I'll try to make up for it this week.