Hunger Game Fans!

Now that you've read the trilogy, what's next? For starters, check out this great interview with Jennifer Lawrence, while you're waiting for the movie release on March 23. Or you could head to this website and try the simulation game to see if you have what it takes to survive the games. Remember it takes more than just strength.
If you're still skeptical whether the movie will do the book justice, keep in mind that Neil Gaiman has seen it and said that he enjoyed it 'a lot.' Or if you want to hear what the author has to say about the Hunger Games trilogy, click here to hear an interview.
If you're looking for some Hunger Games read-a-likes, you might like a few of these: Feed, Ender's Game, Maze Runner, Little Brother, Unwind or House of Scorpion.
By the way, the second movie, Catching Fire, is set to be released on November 22, 2013.


Woot! Great suggestions, Bertha. Thanks!

I'm really looking forward to the film this weekend! I kind of wish I would have listened to the audio book of HG more recently though, as a refresher, because I read the book(s) so long ago. I refreshed my brain with the audio book before I saw the final installment of the Harry Potter series, and it made the movie experience all the richer.

The Hunger Games by the Numbers is an astounding piece written by Annie Schutte for YALSA's The Hub. As a teaser, guess the number of copies of the first book in the series that were made in its first print run. Then guess the total number of copies of books in the series that were sold in the U.S. from first print until now.

If you guessed 200,000 for the first run and over 23.5 million total today you'd be correct.

The movie has now been release but we are just waiting for it to show in our small town.

Thanks for the read-a-likes books. I've read Maze Runner and really enjoyed it.