Andrew Breitbart, controversial conservative blogger, has died

Andrew Breitbart, conservative blogger who has captured the headlines time and again with his controversial approach to journalism, has died.

Breitbart, author of last year's Righteous indignation : Excuse me while I save the world! has emboldened the right and inflamed the left with his involvement in many hot news stories, including those about former Congressman Anthony Weiner and Shirley Sherrod who lost her job at the Department of Agriculture following Breitbart's actions. The status of her lawsuit against Breitbart and two other individuals, for defamation is unclear.

His propensity for intense journalistic activism was so intense that social media this morning were flooded with messages skeptical of his passing until several independent sources confirmed it with the UCLA Medical Center where he died shortly after midnight this morning of natural causes.

Breitbart was 43.