Derrick Jensen Speaks

Derrick Jensen, the arch-environmental-activist, is coming to the area in March to present a keynote lecture for the Porter Chair Speaker Series at Eastern Michigan University. Derrick speaks and writes an urgent message about how the dominant culture of excess is killing the planet. But what do you DO about it? His version of an answer to my question is pretty radical and on March 22nd, in Pease Auditorium, at 7:30pm, you can hear it in his own words. He manages over and over again to score the point: if we don’t change our direction, we will end up where we are headed.

We own many of Derrick’s books and you can read his regular column in Orion magazine, also in our collection. This documentary, End-Civ: Resist or Die, is based on one of his books and spells out some of his persistent themes in changing directions. For more information about his visit, which includes a reception and book signing and a Friday workshop, look here.


Excellent news! Thanks for sharing.

My favorites by Jensen are "A Language Older Than Words," and "Walking On Water."