Detroit 1-8-7 on DVD

In the crime drama Detroit 1-8-7, an Inner-city homicide unit is led by Michael Imperioli as Detective Louis Fitch. He and his top-notch colleagues investigate homicides in Detroit. The show is more character driven than police procedural, and the acting is great.

A fun fact about this show, is that it was filmed where it’s set. The pilot was shot in Atlanta, but the remainder of the series was filmed on location in Detroit. The series originally ran on ABC from September 21, 2010 to March 20, 2011 and has since been cancelled.

The show was intended to be a mockumentary, but it switched gears after the Detroit Police Department cancelled all real-life documentary ride-alongs after a controvercial shooting while another documentary was being filmed. Even after editing, bits of the mockumentary are still evident in Detroit 1-8-7’s pilot episode.

If you’re looking for another cop show, because perhaps, like me, you can’t get enough police dramas, then give Detroit 1-8-7 a try. But be warned that it’s no Wire or Homicide: Life on the Street.


Thanks for writing about this! My family and I really enjoyed this show when it was on and were really disappointed when it was cancelled. I'm not a fan of police dramas at all, but I loved watching this for the character interactions and local nods. I think they did a pretty good job of giving an all-encompassing depiction of Detroit, showing more aspects than are typically represented in the media such as the different ethnic populations, issues surrounding building and development in the city, the interaction with the suburbs, historical elements like the Purple Gang, the '67 riots, and the city's boxing culture. Highly recommended!

Hooray! So glad to hear.

Great show. This show showed the Detriot homicide patrol and invegastion squad at it's best and it will be greatly missed

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