Magazines A-Z: Calliope, Yes and Know

Calliope -- pronounced kuh LIE o pee -- was a muse of the arts and sciences and it also serves as the name of an oldie but a goodie magazine for kids that is now back on the shelves of your library. Exploring world history, this Cobblestone publication covers history by highlighting art, museums, and maps for grades 5 and up.
Newly added are two Canadian magazines, Yes Mag The Science Magazine for Adventurous Minds. Topics in the premiere issue include: keeping turtles out of shrimping nets, extreme racing-what makes these athletes tick, and how to make a balloon-powered mini-racer. The companion mag for younger audiences, Know features in its premier issue caves, beehives protecting farmer's crops from elephants, a home lab recipe for 'drip-drop' rocks, along with a look and find challenge in each issue.
What are you waiting for? Check these out today.