Join the Nation of Readers!

Reading is big business in Ann Arbor! During the month of March, we have a chance to contribute our enthusiasm for reading to the national stage by participating in Read Across America. This year, Read Across America will be celebrating The Lorax in anticipation of the movie premiere on March 2nd.

How will you celebrate reading during the month of March? Perhaps you can sign the pledge. Maybe you'd like to sing the Read Across America song. Or, you could get creative and plan a fun activity of your own! No matter what you do, your contribution will help to build a nation of strong and enthusiastic readers while also working to increase literacy in our community and beyond.

What better way to celebrate reading than to visit the library on March 2nd for Preschool Storytime or Baby Playgroup? And don't forget to join us at the library on March 15th in a Toast to the Truffula Trees to celebrate Read Across America and Dr. Seuss!