Kid Bits - African-American History K-3

Every year Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday raises interest in African-American history. Parents and Teachers look for ways to introduce history to kids through stories and pictures.
Here is a short list of picture books to use with children in classrooms and at home.
#1. Significant People in history:
Heart and Soul: the story of America and African Americans
Boycott Blues:how Rosa Parks Inspired a Nation [b:14005293|Obama: Only in America
#2. Significant Eras in history:
Ellen's Broom
The Great Migration: Journey to the North
Sit-In: how Four Friends stood up by Sitting Down
#3. Significant Folklore:
Bruh Rabbit and the Tar Baby Girl
John Henry:an American Legend
The Talking Eggs
You can visit my Public List and choose more titles to share with your children.