Fabric Printing Workshop

At this hands-on workshop you’ll get a chance to pull your own screen printed tea towel to take home. We’ll also get you caught up on all things related to printing up stylish towels. Hand printed tea towels are a great way to add a bit of whimsy to one’s kitchen, as they’re both colorful and creative!

We’ll also have linoleum blocks carved and ready for you to use to stamp a design onto a fat quarter of fabric. You can then do what you will with the fabric! You can use it in a plethora of handmade projects, including: A throw pillow, a bag, a placemat, for appliques, and more. It’s up to you. You’ll leave the workshop with a tea towel and a fat quarter, ready to add some sparkle to your abode.

To expand upon the joy of printing on fabric, here are some crafty books to get you going.

This DIY event is for grade 6 – Adult, and takes place at Pittsfield on Tuesday, February 7, from 7-8:30pm.


If this goes well for grades six and up, do consider offering another one for slightly younger grades (with adult, of course). Thanks!

Sounds like a lot of fun!

jennydaphne, thank you for the suggestion.

jaegerla, indeed!

Hope to see you there! We've got ink and fabrics ready to roll. If you're kitchen needs a little more toast, we've got you covered!

I just screen printed my own toasty towel! So glad I didn't miss the awesomeness.

/skewed toast forever

Some of the instructional links we promised last night:

Screen Printing - using photo emulsion

Block Printing

Let me know if there's anything you asked about that was left out.


can't wait!