Boardwalk Empire Red Alert

This morning I got to work early and began to do little tasks to help get the day started. I cleaned the computers, restocked our giveaway rack, and shelved DVDs. Until I saw something so shocking I had to stop what I was doing and post a second blog for today. People, I am not sure if you have noticed, but rarely do staffers post consecutive blogs unless something extremely important has happened.

Here it is. Sitting on the shelving cart was the entire first season of Boardwalk Empire. This is their first day circulating in the system and they’re sitting there like the saddest library materials in the world. I double checked with the system to see if they were supposed to trigger holds and discovered that there is not a single hold on Boardwalk Empire. This is a travesty.

This is an incredible show! INCREDIBLE! You should put your holds on it immediately! These DVDs should have been met with all the fanfare an HBO releases normally receive: Hundreds of holds.

In case you aren’t familiar with the premise, this is a Martin Scorsese directed HBO television series set in prohibition era Atlantic City. It is historically accurate, with dazzling acting, intriguing storylines- it even has Omar (from The Wire). If you enjoyed The Sopranos, Deadwood, or Don Corleone’s flashback scenes from Godfather 2, I urge you to give Boardwalk Empire a try. You won’t regret it!


Take a look at the show's page if you need more convincing:

The dvd set is not showing up when I do a catalog search. Perhaps that explains the "no holds" reason? I'd love to try the series too.

me too.

You are correct! It is not coming up in a catalog search although they are here and circulating. I'll check with our cataloguers and see what is happening. Thanks for the head's up

The show is now searchable in the catalog!

Thanks so much for posting your announcement on the catalog webpage. I just stumbled on it by chance, and jumped in to put on my hold. I'm the 6th of hold on 7 copies - all currently available. With all the excitement about this series, I sure hope there's no cross-up on this getting to my hold shelf. It should flow there soon, right?

Thanks again!!

Everything should be flowing like the usual, no worries

I want to check it out now!

Thank you jaegerla for getting Boardwalk its proper attention. This is another in a long line of recent television series that's convinced me we're in the middle of a really special time in the 'history' of TV.


Your appeal, along with pulling out the "Deadwood" card has me convinced! I loved that show on HBO, and felt a sad loss when it ended so abruptly. I am stronger now, and ready to retry another fabulous HBO series. I guess this is my next. Thanks jaegerla!

Thanks for your reply to my comment/question about whether my hold would "flow" to the holdshelf as it should. Yesterday for volume 1, I was the 6th hold on 7 available copies. Now I'm the 3rd in line on 2 available copies. Both of these are Downtown, and have shown as available since yesterday morning. Why aren't they just flowing to the holdshelf? Downtown is in fact my pick up location.

I don't mean to sound angry, just curious, a bit confused, and anxious to get it.

My sincere apology that the flow did not flow as it supposed to flow. We are getting to the bottom of it. I am not downtown myself today, but my coworkers have been working to locate the two missing discs last night and this morning. I will keep you posted as soon as I hear any updates.

Thanks! I really appreciate your efforts, and I understand that sometimes, well, "stuff" happens :^)

The blu ray Boardwalk Empire discs are listed in the catalog under DVDs
instead of blu rays.

Thanks again, jaegerla, for your efforts. All the copies of disc 1 are now checked out or in transit - none apparently in transit to me, according to my account listing. As I said, I was originally 6th in line for 7 available copies, so it's hard to see how this legitimately could have happened. Any thoughts?

Great, I'm glad to hear the discs were found. As far as any shifts in the hold line, I have no idea how that could have happened. Our system does not shift the list at all- it only responds to holds being placed or cancelled. My best recommendation would be for you to contact the manager of the circulation department to address this issue. I will send you an email with her contact information.

Lana is great!

Lana is great!

Coalia rules. Coal.

Perhaps people took them off the shelves before the holds started being processed - if it's as popular as this thread indicates, that was bound to happen!

I've heard great things about this series and look forward to watching it! Thanks for the tip!