Treasure Quest rings in the New Year with the EXECUTIVE WASHROOM KEY!

Happy New Year! Hope you've got the day off, because you'll need it to discover the secrets of the EXECUTIVE WASHROOM KEY!


Look Closely!
What do you want to do?

1. Go to Treasure Quest Leaderboards
2. Visit the Key Gallery
3. See Your Character
4. Attempt to Enter a Key Code, Gate Code, or Treasure Code

As a vision of the EXECUTIVE WASHROOM appears before your eyes, you hear a hard-boiled newspaperman's voice say:

It's 1958. A Muncie boy, fresh-faced and bright,
walks right into the mailroom, under Waring's final flight.
The board thinks he's a patsy, and they plot their tiny bids,
But he's got something up his sleeve. His pitch: you know, for kids!


Note: in the thread below, Questers are sharing info with each other and getting hints; if you want to solve this puzzle without any help, don't keep reading as there are SPOILERS below!


Half the people's... what?

2 pages!!!

Leo didn't talk about is as much. He mainly just talked about it with us.

Yeah, that's true...



Huh? What do you mean by "yearbooks"?

Yeah, that's what I asked...

Probably about writing it on a lot of yearbooks. (I think)

Yeah. I only wrote it on 1 and it was just to tell the person about my username/the website.

yes I wrote on yearbooks! a lot of them

I think I only wrote on one...

What exactly is a lot?

Yeah, a lot is vague...,

Propaganda Vagueness!

That is exactly what came to my mind whenI wrote that... :D AGers unite!

Yay! :)

Hurray for AG!


What's AG?

Academic Games.

My friend tried to convince me to join, but I didn't really get the puzzles. When I heard about what she had to memorize.... *shudder*. So I didn't join

It's fun!
BTWl, what school do you go to? I'm guessing either Tappan, Clague, or Huron.

any help?

On what part?

The spammer...... How about a course on how bad it is to spam?

It gets really annoying when you see lots of spams.

it has nothing to do with the conversation, and only the staff can delete the comment and the illegal/whatever it's called points.

it's a "his." No i was trying to get 100,000 points for the super package. i only needed a couple hundred, so i was just commenting to get there.
all the badges i had left, i had no idea

Did you just copy and paste your previous comments?

ya, cuz for everywhere i put "any help?" someone talks about me spamming

I repeat from my previous comment, be more specific when you ask for help, or your wasting time

ya i will

Thanks! :D

It's nice when you can read a comment that doesn't make you have about 10 questions you want answered...

Not our faults that you were MIA for about a month...

Did you really miss me that much? *flattered*

Yes, yes I did. Don't you dare disappear from Summer Game again!

Ok. :D You know, we can always chat over email and stuff.

True... But email is a lot longer... And I'm not usually on when you are (time difference).

Well, around 8 at night or morning would work perfectly fine and now that you are back in A2, we can chat.