New Energy Meter Now Available For Checkout

If you’ve ever tried our existing energy meter and thought to yourself “It's pretty great, but I wish it could do more” then now you’re in luck. The newly available 10-outlet emeter is ready to handle all your power. Try hooking up your TV, brand new Blu-ray player (‘tis the season) and surround sound system to calculate exactly how much it costs to watch vintage Conan in HD. Or, hook up your microwave, electric kettle, coffee pot, toaster oven, juicer and refrigerator to measure the true cost of a healthy breakfast. Alternatively, hook up your children’s video game system and determine the price of not turning off the game when you’re done playing, then deduct that amount from their allowance – the possibilities are endless!

The 10-outlet emeter is packed with features. It monitors voltage, line frequency, KWH and current leakage. You can tell how much power you’re drawing and how much you’re losing while the built in surge protector keeps your gadgets safe. It even tells you if your outlet isn’t properly grounded. Place your hold today and let us know what you think.