Televised Book Discussion for AA/Ypsi Reads

If you couldn't tune in at the Community Television Network (CTN-Channel 17) last night to watch a broadcast of a book discussion for this year's AA/Ypsi Reads selection, "Born on a Blue Day," then check out other viewing times to catch the show. Or find and view it online.

The book discussion group includes Alyson Lobert from the Ypsilanti District Library, Ira Lax from our very own AADL, Judy Nagle, a writer and retired humanities teacher and Molly Mahony from UM Tanner Philosophy Library. The group discusses "Born on a Blue Day" as an important selection for this year's community read. They talk about the wide-appeal of the book and the insights learned about the autistic-mind. They don't give too much away about the book so you can still enjoy viewing the discussion even if you haven't finished the book yet!