Young Writers are Winners!

The awards ceremony announcing the winners of the AADL short story writing contest, It's All Write! was held on Saturday, May 13th as an event of the Ann Arbor Book Festival. Being present at this ceremony and being exposed to the joy and satisfaction expressed by these teens and their parents as their creative work and encouragement are recognized and rewarded is a highlight of my year. Join AADL in congratulating these authors.

Middle School:
1st Place - Lindsay Fischer (title: Alien Girl)
2nd Place - Timothy G. Rhein (title: Escape to Denmark)
3rd Place - Isabel McKay (title: A Slanted Roof)

High School 9th/10th:
1st Place - Eva Colas (title: Morning Again)
2nd Place - Maya Lamm (title: Saved)
3rd Place - Sabrina Na (title: Daisies in the Garden)

High School 11th/12th:
1st Place - Emmaleigh Mia Paul (title: How to Make Empenadas)
2nd Place - Jenneva Scholz (title: The Gift)
3rd Place - Eva Miller (title: A Romance)

Prizes were generously donated by the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation Robert Bruce Dunlap Memorial Awards Fund, and all 1st place winners will receive $250, 2nd Place, $150, and 3rd Place $100. All Finalists received a certificate, and a thunderous applause went out to all #140 teens who submitted a story.


I was just wondering if anyone knew who the finalists were

I have pasted in the list of finalists. It is a long posting!
Finalists- Middle School:

Nick Sorscher The Firestone (6th)

S.M. Lazarsfeld Lonesome (6th)

Margaret Whittier-Ferguson Seeds (6th)

Eugene Zen Giants Ants Attack (6th)

Kristy Abrahm Takato Miato (6th)

Timothy G. Rhein Escape to Denmark (6th)

Maggie Grundler A Little Catching Up (7th)

Calina Duan Entwined (7th)

Isabel McKay A Slanted Roof (7th)

Walaa Tout Guilty for Greed (7th)

Lissa Kryska Dopey and Seven Princesses (7th)

Allison Sharrar A Brighter Future (7th)

Derek Fead The Best Kind of Injury (7th)

Annie Zhang A View From the Handing Platform (7th)

Abby Pianelli The Secret (8th)

Laura Immonen Me, the Blizzard, and a Turtle (8th)

Teddy Perry The Mammoth (8th)

Christy Vanek Wake Up (8th)

Lindsay Fischer Alien Girl (8th)

Finalists – High School 9th/10th

Hallie Morris Lilacs for Sara (10th)

Sian Dowis Dopey (10th)

Emily Brown Moving On (9th)

Sabrina Na Daisies in the Garden (10th)

Chris Jalilevand The Remote (10th)

Maya Lamm Saved (10th)

Elizabeth Przbyiski Deatrick Freedom Lake (9th)

Eva Colas Morning Again (9th)

Priyanka Murthy The Party (10th)

Jennifer W. Woolley And Ending With Pearls (9th)

Margaret Agnew The Siren’s Eye (9th)

Mary Taylor Regarding the Plums (9th)

Megan Brooks-Planck The Glass Factory (9th)

Sam Dochoda The Iron-Pawed Wolf (10th
Finalists High School 11th/12th:

Martin Tinkerhess Midnight Blues (12th)

Eva Miller A Romance (11th)

Marisa Huston The Jesus Lights (12th)

Anneka Goss The Tidepool (12th)

Catherine Opalka Eight Hundred Feet (11th)

Jenneva Scholz The Gift (12th)

Leah Bromberg Riding Love (11th)

Alistair Hayden When Two Worlds Collide (11th)

Jackie Cohen Eccentricity (11th)

Daniel Burgener Weaving Death (12th)

Emmaleigh Mia Paul How to Make Empenadas (11th)

Are these stories available to the public somewhere?

Not yet. The winners will be compiled and published and made available through the Library.

I am a parent of a young writer and this is our second year as part of the contest. We were all thrilled that Lindsay was the first prize Middle School winner! Would it be possible to see the bios of this year's judges? Vicki Browne mentioned at the Awards that this info would be available online, but I haven't been able to find it. It sounds like such an interesting panel, we would love to learn more about them.

This contest is a great opportunity for kids to get into writing--Lindsay and several of her friends have really enjoyed participating. Thanks AADL and staff.

Thanks for the comments and congratulations, again, to your young writer! Bio's on the judges are below:
Thanks to the following judges of the teen's short story writing contest for area Teens! We appreciate their expertise and careful considerations of each story.
Middle School:
CHRIS HEBERT- Fiction Editor at the University of Michigan Press (previous Hopwood Winner)
AMY SUMERTON - Serves as executive editor of 'Orchid Literary Review' for three years. Her fiction can most recently be found in Red Cedar Review. She plays cello in a local band called Canada. Amy currently makes a living as assistant director for 826 Michigan, a nonprofit writing center designed to help students aged 6-18 develop their writing skills.
LARA M. ZIELIN - Author of Make Things Happen Networking for Teens and she edits the alumni publication at the University of Michigan's College of Literature, Language and the Arts.

High School:
MARGARET LAZARUS DEAN - Teaches at U of M's MFA program and has a novel coming out this fall. (previous Hopwood Winner)
LAURA KASISCHKE - Teaches at U of M's MFA program and is the author of several books of poetry and the novel Life Before Her Eyes (previous Hopwood Winner)
PATRICK O'KEEFFE - Currently a lecturer at University of Michigan, and is the 2005 Winner of the prestigious 'story prize' Award for Hill Road four long stories set in Ireland. (previous Hopwood Winner)