Click on the LearningExpress Library!


Did you know that you can access dozens of practice tests and 150 e-books by going to the LearningExpress Library from our Research Pages? Just click on the Research Tab and then the click on the link that says "Test Prep". LearningExpress Library is the sole item with that heading. You will need an additional log in to access this database to take practice tests. Believe me, it's worth having a look-see for Academic preparation, Civil Services exams, Skill Building for kids and adults and So MUCH MORE!!!



I didnt know this until now

Great resource. Wish I had known about this when I took the GRE.

Just completed Excel II class at the Ypsilanti Library and was told the Ann Arbor Library has free classes too. also the Libriaion showed me these online step by step tuturiol classes.

Great resource; thanks!

finally ebooks have come

Ooh - what a great resource! Thanks AADL!

These directions are a bit misleading / oversimplified. It took me a while to find the "Learning Express Library" listing once I was in the Research tab. One way to get there was to click on the "H - M" link in browse by name, then find the title. A slightly easier way was to click on "Test Prep" in the complete subject listing, because L. E. L. was the only entry in that section.

Thanks, camelsamba! You are correct there are multiple ways to get to LearningExpressLibrary. I am going to change my blog a bit to make it easier to find, as you suggested.

Thanks, good to know.

150 ebooks? I had no idea!

any math?

Jingcong-Here's what I found available to improve math skills through the ebooks of learningexpressslibrary:
Reasoning Skills Success in 20 Minutes a Day, 3rd Edition
Algebra Success in 20 Minutes a Day, 4th Edition
8th Grade Math Review
Math Word Problems in 15 Minutes a Day

This will be a great resource when my son's school work exceeds what I remember

Do their practice tests include the MEAP?

This is great, I never knew this service was availble

The practice tests don't include the MEAP as of yet. Both LearningExpress and BrainFuse are great resources for skill building, though!

This was really great to learn. Thanks for all the great resources.