Traverwood Branch to be Closed August 20-27

The wood floors at Traverwood Branch are being sanded and sealed, and the work begins on Thursday of this week. We apologize for any inconvenience the closing of the branch will cause you and your family. After closing on Wednesday, August 19th at 9:00PM, all remaining items on the hold shelves at Traverwood will be moved Downtown, and will be available for pick up on Thursday. Hold requests for Traverwood will be available Downtown until the branch reopens on Friday, August 28 at 9:00 AM.

The return slots on the north side of the building will remain available and open, but the return bin in the garage will be unavailable during this week. Computer classes scheduled for this week at Traverwood will be relocated or rescheduled. Staff will contact those who have registered about changes in location or time.

We appreciate that this notice is short, and we do apologize. Thank you in advance for your patience. Please consider exploring other AADL library locations. They will be open regular hours and some very cool and smart people are working in them. They will enjoy helping you.



You just had this done and now you have to do it again because it was done wrong the first time. Words fail me. You take bows all the time on what a great library you are. Well, if this is a great library, I'd hate to see a bad one. You can't do the simplest damn thing right. You screw up everything you touch. You haven't even got the lables on the ends of the shelves so we can find what book we are looking for yet and you're messing around with the floor??.......Instead of wasting who knows how much money on the floors, you could have put the money to use on....oh, I don't know....bubble wrap so we could still get MeLs. Your incompetence is just mindboggling.
It is obvious to anyone with half a brain that no matter what you say, everything is done at your convenience. It would have been wonderful to have the book return in the garage right next to the road so people wouldn't have to get out of their cars to return items but, that wouldn't have been as easy for you, would it? You say you have our best interests at heart but, it's clear all you care about is the bottom line and doing as little work as possible. Now we have this disaster you jokingly refer to as a web site. One doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. Honestly, try....just try to do something right....Anything....I'm not picky, I'll take anything.

Josie and AADL staff, good luck with the re-finishing and adjustments for the week at Traverwood. Hopefully, things will settle down for all of you after this trying week. The new catalog seems fine (Firefox, DSL via landline), and I'm looking forward to exploring it a bit more. Your hard work on the physical and electronic facilities is appreciated.

That's a bummer! I was planning on going to the library on Thursday...

Messa, I am so sorry that you are clearly unhappy, and dissatisfied with the AADL's service in general. The floors were not done incorrectly last year. We attempted to do the routine annual maintenance on the floors and we did it incorrectly. The contractor is sanding and resealing them this week. We erred, and we are very sorry that it has caused such a disruption in service. We deserve the criticism.

Rainey, thank you. I appreciate the support and I know the rest of the staff does, too. It is a big week with the website upgrade, summer reading winding down, and now the Traverwood closure.

Laura, you can still use the Library! Consider visiting one of the other branches or the Downtown Library this week. I am sorry for the disruption in your routine. It is a very positive statement about you that a library closure can cause dismay. I admire that.


Messa's criticism is a bit overwrought. Full disclosure: I was on the Library Board from 2000 through 2008, and approved the design for the Traverwood Library. We all knew that using wood was going to mean the possibility of problems. For example, the new building almost didn't open on time in June, 2008 because of the difficulties in fabricating the unique wood structure. However, we thought the benefits were worth the drawbacks.

Yes, the incorrectly-applied wax this year was a disaster. Yes, it's bad news that the Traverwood Library has to be closed for another week, following on the two-day closure to let that wax dry.

But let's cut the staff some slack here.

David, thank you.

Good morning
I would like to say that I do love the Traverwood Library.It means I do love the excellent service that this Library provides to everybody.And it is a very beautiful and comfortable buiding.I really enjoyed to be there almost every day.Thank you very much and i will wait patiently for reopening of Library again.


You made my day! We will work hard to get Traverwood open again as quickly as we can.

I think I will, I didn't think of that at the time (oddly enough). Good luck with the floors!

In my experience, accusations of incompetence most frequently come from those least qualified to speak on the subject at hand. In the meantime, I look forward to Traverwood's return! It has always been my favorite branch, and I've never seen or experienced anything but courtesy and professionalism from every employee encountered there. I also appreciate that efforts have been made to make holds available downtown (my only concern!). Thanks for the service, and I look forward to using this branch again soon.

The holds are already shelved and ready to be picked up at the Downtown Library. Thanks for the comment about the quality of service that you have received at Traverwood.

Will the holds that have not been picked up Downtown and still have time left before expiration of hold be returned to Traver when it reopens?

David Cahill's comments are spot on, but they do raise an interesting question or two: What were the perceived benefits and risks of using wood?; Could we have some further explanation about his comment that the TWood branch came close to not opening on time dut to problems 'fabricating the wood structure' ?

I know that reusing the wood from the trees cleared to make room for the branch was an integral part of the planning for the branch, but is it possible that we, i.e. community and the library board, allowed form to trump function in this case ?

Amen, btw, to the several comments complimenting the staff and the system.

Steve Hendel

Oh, yes, and how much will this redo cost and who is paying it?

Any holds returned to Traverwood will have an additional two days placed on the record for your convenience. Hope that helps.


The fact that the wood fabrication and installation was primarily custom work made it more difficult to sequence with the rest of the project, and we did race the clock to open on our deadline. The film that is available from the Library, UP From Ashes, chronicling the Traverwood project, tells the story well, including how decisions were made, when, and why. I recommend it.

We are paying just over 8K to have the floors sanded and resealed this week. That is approximately 3K more than it would have cost had we not attempted to do the work.

Maintenance is an annual operational cost and is included in the Library's budget. Each building has unique features that are treated differently and they come with different costs. When decisions are made about materials, the positive and negative factors are certainly considered. The wood floors at Traverwood are permanent. If they are maintained properly, they will last the life of the building.

Thanks for compliments, too.


Ok thanks

Regarding the comment by "messa".

As someone stated in another post, such uncalled for personal attacks usually come from people who are the least qualified to critique how the library is administered..
I am disabled, and use the Traverwood and the Main Branch multiple times every week, and I havent encountered any of the "incompetence" and the other alleged problems "messa" seems to be complaining about.

And if "messa" dislikes the Traverwood Library and the AADL system so much, I guess he/she should be encouraged to take his/her custom elsewhere. I daresay that he/she wont find a better library system.

While I think it's a shame that it was done wrong the first time around (and I'm sure that it happened to be the 2 most humid days of this summer didn't help), I think for the most part the library DOES do things well.

I'm an employee and frankly, I'm glad I am. I feel our administrators, for the most part, do an excellent job with our budget and the tax dollars of the patrons. I'm certainly glad I'm working for an organization that knows how to plan for a rainy day and for the mistakes that will be made simply because we're all human. I'm thankful that because of that planning and the general overall fiscal responsibility, I don't have to worry about being laid off in these troubling economic times.

I also happen to like the fact that my employer takes my safety into consideration as well. Would it be more convenient for dropboxes to be where patrons can pull up and not get out of their cars to throw stuff in? Absolutely, but it wouldn't be as safe for those who have to retrieve those dropboxes multiple times a day, particularly in the winter with the snow and ice on the sidewalks.

Yet, there are a lot of other ways AADL makes things convenient for their patrons. We print the lists to pull holds twice a day and have two deliveries a day during the week to try and get the holds to people as quickly as possible while still being efficient about it. And how many other library systems out there have the pick-up lockers like Malletts and Pittsfield just in case you can't get to the branch for your holds before we close?

As far as MeLCat items go, would it be nice to still get the A/V materials? Yes, sure it would. I used to get the A/V materials as much as anyone else. But, I'm grateful that our administration took into consideration not only the cost of things like the bubble wrap to wrap each item in and the labor to do it, but also things like how much wear and tear on our materials it would cause, how many of our materials would then end up being out on MeL loan at any given time, making them not available for our own patrons, and other factors as well.

So all in all, when you look at the big picture, I think our library DOES do things well, from the viewpoint of both an employee and as a patron since I was a patron before I was an employee. Sure, there are ways we can improve and things we can do better, but for the most part, this is definitely one of the best library systems I've ever seen.

I agree 99.999%, and I'm not an employee. The 0.001% is: why can't a box which empties from the back be used for driveup returns?



I am very glad, and not surprised to learn, that you receive such positive service at Traverwood, and that you hold such a high opinion of the AADL library system. Thank you.


The library garage was not designed to accommodate a drive up return. The space is very tight and a drive up drop box would require a separate lane and we needed the space for deliveries. It is physically impossible to provide drive up drop access in the garage at Traverwood now, and a redesign would be cost prohibitive. The box that is available was placed there as a convenience after the branch opened, and it is the best that we can offer. I realize that there are those who would like a drive up, and I am sorry that we have not been able to provide one.


A couple of points.

1. I don't mind the lack of a drive-up box since the outside drop-off box is located right by short term parking spaces. That's almost too easy.

2. I like the ease with which I can surf for books on-line and have them pulled and ready for me to pick up at any branch. Now that's convenient.

3. The staff is generally very friendly. There are one or two who get really agitated when I forget to bring my card, but almost all have no problem looking up my checkout information.

4. I don't like the new location of the Traverwood branch. It's too far out of the way compared to the old location in the shopping mall. It's not like there's a shortage of space in that mall now that the flower shop and dentist office have closed. The mall smells funny, but that's a different problem.

5. I really don't like the design of the 3 new branches: Traverwood, Mallett's Creek and Pittsfield. They're just plain ugly. Very modern/futuristic, and guaranteed to look dated within a short number of years. The intentional rusting of the outside walls, for example, just doesn't work for me. And the inside of the all of them are cold and unfriendly looking. Using wood inside should have made them warm and welcoming, but they aren't. I wasn't unhappy to hear that the renovation of the main branch was delayed. Maybe that will give the board a chance to consider some more user friendly layouts.

That's my 2 cents. Overall, I'll give the system an A-. Very good, with some items that could be improved.

Josie, you said the side book return slots were going to be open. So I assumed that meant that I could return library items and that they will be checked in. As such, I did return several items yesterday that were due yesterday early in the day. My account still shows that they are checked out. I hope I do not get charged for them.


Thanks for the thoughtful feedback, and we'll take an A-!

tania, You won't be charged for them. The material being checked in at Traverwood is backdated because we have so much coming in, and not the usual number of people working there to get them checked in. There is also more work involved to separate Holds to go Downtown. Things are a little backed up. If you do find that the items have remained on your account for longer than a day, or if they are checked in and fines have been accrued email me directly at, and I'll take care of it for you.

The good news is that the floors were completed this morning and will be dry and ready for foot traffic when we open on Friday morning.