Baby Bits - What To Do with the BooHoo Baby?

"What DO You Do With The BooHoo Baby?"
PLAY with them. Here are some books that help you "play" with the Baby.
One Boy has peek-a-boo pages.
Time To Get Dressed makes dressing a game.
Not A Box reminds you of what you can do with one good box.
Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? is a rhythm and rhyme game with pictures. Kumasan kumasan nani miteruno? is "Brown Bear" in Japanese, and can be found in the World Language Collections.


When baby starts to cry we try to find something to grab his attention. Some things work, some do not. We always tried different toys to get the baby's mind off of whatever was bothering him. Small baby swings worked wonders for our sons. You don't just put your baby in a corner and ignore him... he needs attention.

However, baby certainly needs to know that every time he cries mom or dad must not pick him up. Those itty bitty people know how to manipulate parents. Do not let baby be the boss. Balance out holding him and letting him cry. casino