3rd Annual Manga Drawing Contest Winners Announced!

2009 Manga Contest2009 Manga Contest

The judging is done and the winners have been announced! Judging was conducted by Jerzy Drozd and Shannon "Roku-Chan" Townsend. With over 80 entries in four age categories the judges had a tough time this year! The top three finishers in each category received gift certificates to Wizzywig and medals. All of the artwork will be on display through August in the Downtown Youth Department and can also be found online in our image gallery!

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Grades K-2
1st Place = Erin Shi
Runner-Up = Abby Deng
Honorable Mention = Raymond Jiang

Grades 3-5
1st Place = Alice Wu
Runner-Up = Rosa Chen
Honorable Mention = Ann Marie Zheng
Fan Art = Angela Wang
Best Original Character = Freyja Hofler

Grades 6-8
1st Place = Wentao Xu
Runner-Up = Hope Lu
Honorable Mention = Susan Doong
Best Fan Art = Taylor Zheng
Best Original Character = Lisa Ruan

Grades 9-12
1st Place = Melissa Wang
Runner-Up = Angela Wang
Honorable Mention = Laura Luo
Best Comic = Desha Stewart
Best Fan Art = Shirley Wu


These are all so good!!