Important Catalog News!

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There’s a new way to find foreign language materials at AADL. Let’s start by calling them World Languages. If you are looking for materials in Arabic, you would go to Advanced Search and click on call number & enter World-Ara. There's a new collection, too: Youth Lang-Learn. Wait! There’s more! The Basic Reading and ESL collections are now called Language Learning or Lang-Learn for short. You can even look for Lang-Learn Fiction with Reading Levels for adults. We look forward to searches becoming easier for you and everyone as we tweak our catalog and roll out a new one.


How is this different from just setting the Language field in an advanced search?

It sounds like the search you are describing is searching all materials in a certain language. The search I described is browsing a new collection using the new call number WORLD-Ara, for example. The advanced search would encompass more materials in a search that way.

Ok, that's cool. But is there a list of available call numbers that we can use? eg. world-jpn, world-ity etc...

There isn't a list just yet, but when you go to the advanced search and click on the call number tab, you can enter "world" and scroll down for the many choices. You'll find: World-ARA, World-FRE, World-HEB, World-GUJ, as examples. You can still search for items clicking on Browse Catalog by Format and click on Foreign Languages.