LISTEN!! Digital Music News: Jamaican BBQ from Sweden, Grown-Up Stories, Electronic Toys

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Eternal Jazz Project: Gentle Jazz from Sweden
Handmade is the third Eternal Jazz Project album, mainly recorded in one of Sweden's most famous jazz studio recording facilities - the Swedish Broadcast radio. The feel is relaxed and down to earth, with a Scandinavian touch. EJP is still a fairly traditional jazz band with its roots in '50s and '60s jazz (the piano player and composer, Lars Lundell, is a big fan of Bill Evans). Compositions on this album range from the soft and beautiful "Hey June" to the swinging "Jamaican BBQ". No matter how Scandinavian, there's always room for surprises and groovy improvisation.

Amycanbe: Alternative, Pop, Electronic, Rock, Trip-Hop from Italy
Being A Grown-Up Sure is Complicated is beautifully elegant. These songs are stunning journeys of indie folk pop with little twinges of minimalistic electronica. Each song tells a story, and this album is like a book with lots of little chapters waiting to unfold. From the folky bounciness of "Down Under" to the delightful beat of "The Song Of Matthew and Mark", the album sketches a picture of inner peace and happiness.

Emmalee Crane: Ambient, Orchestral Drone Music
Crux is the debut album from Canadian-turned-Californian musician Emmalee Crane. It is a soft yet majestic wash of instruments ranging from woodwinds and cellos to analog synthesizers and circuit-bent electronic toys. While Emmalee herself describes it as "drone", that hardly does justice to the orchestral swell and intricate melody that weaves throughout the album. This critically acclaimed work has been described as "an absolute success...built upon passion and love and emotion," and "as beautiful as it is inventive."