Paul is dead: old evidence brought to light

If you're a Beatles fan old enough to have owned the 'White' album and fondly recall playing it backwards listening to "Turn me on, dead man" -- as well as other clues that Paul McCartney was dead -- you have Fred LaBour to thank, and you can do so at The Ark on Monday, December 5. LaBour, bassist for the fun retro-cowboy band Riders in the Sky, was a U-M student back in October of 1969 when he wrote a satirical review of the Beatles' "Abbey Road" album for the Michigan Daily that began with the headline, "McCartney dead; new evidence brought to light." In his review, LaBour invented several clues that McCartney had died and was replaced by a double named William Campbell, thereby fueling an urban legend that quickly swept America. The Ann Arbor News covered the hoax a week later in October 1969, and Alan Glenn, chronicler of Ann Arbor in the 1960s, wrote about the story in 2009.

Riders in the Sky will appear at the Ark on Monday, December 5, in which LaBour (as his stage alter ego, "Too Slim") plays a mean double bass.


Great blog! I never knew that "Paul is Dead" rumor started here! It all makes perfect sense....haha. Thanks for posting!

We were desperate to play it backwards but were not allowed due to fears of destroying record player! Trying it on the old Victrola was nixed too. My brother is probably still mad at our mother over this. Great story!

I love hearing about hoaxes that enjoy a degree of sucess
i solve the mystery its on the songs of the white album

my name its pablo silva im colombian but for some reazon i solve the mistery its was pretty simple i must say

We've come a long ways from the questions raised in 1969 to the answers that finally came 40 years later in "Billy's Back!
The library should get this book!
Billy's Back!