Baby & PreK Bits - FARM

Ms. Rachel is doing FARMS this week in Preschool Storytime and Baby PlayGroups.
For the youngest children:
Farmer Doogie has plenty to do each day.
Follow a Hen on her walk around the farm in Rosie's Walk.
Sing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" along with Victor Johnson in the CD Country Blues for Kids.
For kids who like more of a story:
The farm is a noisy place in Too Much Noise.
Thunder Cake is what you make when a huge thunder storm is coming. You can get the recipe in the book.
Year at Maple Hill Farm is a wonderfully illustrated, highly-detailed view of what farms do. It is a great read-share book to spend luxury lap-time with.


This should be really good for the little ones. Good luck and keep us posted on how it all goes and how they like it. Thank you for letting us know what is next on the horizon. casino online