The Ann Arbor Observer: Then & Now

Ann Arbor Observer: Then & NowAnn Arbor Observer: Then & Now

This Wednesday, June 24, we'll be launching Ann Arbor Observer: Then & Now, a new site with searching and browsing access to over 130 full-text articles on local history written for the Ann Arbor Observer over the past three decades by local historian and author, Grace Shackman. Stop by for a demonstration of the site, refreshments, and a lively discussion by Grace and Observer editor, John Hilton, at 7:00 p.m. in the Downtown lower level Multi-Purpose Room.


In the June edition of observor, Sarah Pinkelman introduced one of her normal activities for visiting the Library: checking her friend reserved items (even naming title of the item). I hope her friend does not check-out "joy of sex" or "Mind your own business, How to get rid of your nosy friend"!