Cecil Castellucci - Short Story Awards Speaker

Cecil Castellucci's in town to be the guest speaker for the Awards Ceremony of the short story writing contest, It's All Write! #140 stories were submitted to the contest, and all Finalists have been notified. Congratulations to ALL writers who turned in a story.
Cecil is the author of Boy Proof and her upcoming novel Queen of Cool. She will be discussing the craft of writing and presenting awards to the winenrs. 1:00 - 1:45 pm Modern Language Building on Thayer Street, Lecture Room 1. All Welcome.


How many finalists were there?

"Faulheit ist eine Tugend"

Between 11 and 20 for each age group, or thereabouts. That's a ballpark figure, as I was not personally involved.

Were the winners of each age group called?

Ummm.. finalists were asked to attend the ceremony I think.. I am not sure if the winners are notified ahead of time or not..

Yeah they were notified. Leinad mentioned this well over a week ago.

The finalists were announced ahead of time. I believe that the winners were not.

Although I didn't win, I had fun, it was a nice little awards ceremony. I hear that we'll get to read the stories by the winners. I'm looking forward to that.

"Faulheit ist eine Tugend"

The winners were not told ahead of time, no. I placed in my category and wasn't notified ahead of time, I did this last year also and was a finalist, and I got the same notice as last year.

For anyone who went, wasn't it crowded? But I though Cecil was fantastic, I'm going to her book signing tonight :)

Congratulations for placing. I went, I was a finalist, but I didn't place in the top 3. I agree, Cecil was really good. She seemed really down to earth and had a good relevant topic. It was a very enjoyable hour.

"Faulheit ist eine Tugend"

Exactly, the woman who spoke last year was also very good, but she mostly told us about herself, her books, her life. Cecil gave us advice and such. Inspiring.

There were 3 age categories, (middle 6-7-8/high school 9/10, and high school 11/12) There were the most entries in the middle school category, so consequently they had more 'finalists' #18, the 9th/10th category had #14 finalists, and the 11th/12th grade category had #11 finalists. All 'finalists' were sent a letter about 3 weeks prior to the Awards Ceremony and the 1st,2nd, and 3rd place winners in each category were announced at the program.