Ultramarathon Man on DVD

One man. 50 marathons. 50 consecutive days. 50 different states.

Dean Kazarnes once again proves that he is the Ultramarathon Man in this documentary about his mission to raise awareness for youth obesity. Kazarnes runs 26.2 mile courses that are all used for annual marathons, but held on a different day than he runs them, or in the case of the New York City Marathon, when he runs on the day of the actual city-wide marathon event.

Athletes from several countries run the courses with the inspirational author and running enthusiast, even during torrential thunderstorms and under the 100+ degree heat of the Desert Classic Marathon course in Surprise, AZ. Karno's running toughness is matched only by his public spotlight endurance during this two month event. For upwards of five hours while running, Karno talks with fellow runners and listens to their stories, and then after the run he's shaking hands, signing autographs, and giving speeches before meeting with press and photographers, only to get back on the bus and drive to the next state. Catch up with Dean Kazarnes, the Ultramarathon Man, on DVD at the AADL.