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UPDATE: Mission accomplished! Thank you to everyone who came!
Oh, and someone asked me to post the Zuko AMV, from Avatar: the Last Airbender. I love the series, and youtube happily has an endless supply of AMVs.
InuYasha video gaming and video viewing on Wednesday, Downtown Library 1-5pm!
NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED (sorry for the mixup!)

Animanga Club Thursday 7-8:30pm Malletts Creek!
Naruto Vs. Full Metal Alchemist
SPECIAL PLEA: I have a Naruto DVD, but I don't have any FMA right now. If you have some, bring it!


This thread will self-destruct in two days.. ^_^

My brother has something to say. Be tolerant if it sounds like he is talking to people across the world. He posted this on (copied and pasted from there) so he really is...

My local Showcase cinemas is trying something experimental. They're seeing if putting anime on a theater screen would actually make some money. This Friday (5/12) and Saturday (5/13) nights, they will be showing the first three episodes of Trinity Blood at midnight each night. If these screenings go well, the management would be inclined to show FF7: Advent Children on the big screen. Now who would want to miss that?

What: Trinity blood screening at a theater
Where: 4100 Carpenter Rd, Ypsilanti, MI (734) 973-8380
When: 5/12 and 5/13 at midnight
Why: If enough people go, they'll show Advent Children at a later date!
Cost: $9.50 per adult ticket

Please note that Trinity blood is unrated in the United States, so it will be treated as an R rating. No one under 17 will be admitted without an adult.

Me again,
So if any of you are interested, I'm printing this out and bringing it to the animanga club anyways. For those of you who don't go on the forums.

"OMG, That tastes like babies!"-Kevin S.
"Yeah...I was naked once"-...Duh, Kevin S.

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Wow really that's awesome. Except the fact that I can't support it without an adult. Seeing Advent Children on the big screen...*mind implodes*.

Btw, is the meeting going to be anything like the other meetings where if you post on the blog, you get prizes. I got a really good book that way. Leinad read it and he liked it too.

"OMG, That tastes like babies!"-Kevin S.
"Yeah...I was naked once"-...Duh, Kevin S.

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Yes its true, though I don't know if I will have any books to give out. Expect randomness!

By any chance this "randomness" is going to be like last time where there was masochistic spike bracelets?

"OMG, That tastes like babies!"-Kevin S.
"Yeah...I was naked once"-...Duh, Kevin S.

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*nods* in pink!

Sorry, I don't have any FMA DVDs. But I do have some more Urusei Yatsura... xD okay, we don't have to watch that. Don't worry. O_o

By the way, that pocky from yesterday was DELICIOUS! Normally I don't like strawberry pocky, but this was an exception. :D

Oh, and my friend Aurora is probably coming, too... has she ever been to one of these before? I'm not sure...

Hmm, I can't remember if Aurora has been before. I'm glad you liked the pocky, it's my favorite kind.

Whoohoo! That was a fun time tonight, thank you to all who came! I am so glad the computer worked so we could watch AMVs..

you know the animanga thingy keeps gettin funner ^-^!!! but i wish more people would come!! okay if you are wondering who i am my name is audrey im in 7th grade and i have been i love with anime for 8 years so i know something about anime and i cant spell... and thats pretty much all ya need to know!

Yeah, that was great! Now the "Ninja of the Night" song is stuck in my head though... O_o

Hi, Audrey, welcome to the blog!

And I also have Ninja of the Night stuck in my head now, thanks to you p-chan.. -_-

Heh, heh. :P