Movement '09- Party all night long

Movement 09Movement 09

Techno, house, EBM, ambient, acid, dub, etc, these are just some of the types of electronic music (as well as hip hop, rap, and rock) you will hear at Movement Festival '09 in Detroit this weekend (Sat, May 23-Mon, May 25)at Hart Plaza. Boasting some 70+ DJs and live acts (as well as numerous pre and post parties throughout the downtown Detroit area), Movement '09 promises to keep the ravers and booty shakers up all night. Some of the beats that are represented at the library on CD are Detroit electronic music pioneer, Carl Craig; opening headliners Prodigy; newer music producer and DJ, Flying Lotus; and the legendary DJ, producer (some say the Grandfather of hip-hop) Afrika Bambaataa. If you are interested in reading about the history of electronic music we have the books, Ambient century; Electronic & computer music; & Grown up all wrong. Or watch the DVD, 24 hour Party People, a semi-autobiographical story about the ups and way downs of music promoter Tony Wilson, both tragic and triumphant it is also a great story of the post-punk era in England to the beginnings of the electronic music scene.


Afrika Bambaataa will be there, he's known as the Grandfather of Hip Hop. Pretty cool. I don't know if I can stay up that late...But I had the privilege of seeing him with the Soul Sonic Force in the 80's. You're Da Bomb, Hip-Hop Grandpa!