The Cosmic Game

Thievery Corporation's latest offering definitely blows the lid off my expectations. What is so great about this band is that every single album they release pushes out in a new direction while maintaining the down-tempo soul that is at the heart of all Thievery music. The Cosmic Game is no different. While it fuses Indian raga, Reggae, and Middle Eastern invocations, it also brings in some familiar voices such as Perry Ferrell (Jane's Addiction) and The Flaming Lips.
These headline names, along with the vastly expanded musical ensemble, underscore the fact that Thievery Corporation has come into its own. Truly, every song on this album is fantastic.

Thievery Corporation is a band from Washington D.C. If this were the 1970's, it would probably be called the Thievery "Project", as they draw great guest talent where they can. Thievery Corporation's music is often found on Soundtracks, and they have even made an appearance on the indie kid-TV show Pancake Mountain.