Emily Toppled from Top of Baby Names


Jane Austen Rules! That can be the only explanation for Emma bumping out Emily for top girl's name in this year's Most Popular Baby Names List. The coolest part is the Search Page where you can enter your kids, grandkids or future kids names and find out where they rank. You can check popularity by state, change in popularity and much more. I checked out the Popular Names for Twins and mine did not make the top 100. That's what I get for not being alliterative. BTW, we've got lots of Baby Name books if you don't want your next one on the top 10 list.


Debbie, this is a very cool website. I was always convinced my name was pretty popular the year I was born and now of course I found out it's true. The rankings for Erin were very close to the top of the list in the early to mid 80s. Very cool resource!

Very Fun! But I have a theory the popularity of Emma has more to do with the TV show Friends than Jane Austen. Much as I love Jane.

I checked my name and I wasn't even in the top 1000.

Thank you for this info--it is really neat.

My name wasn't in there, either! It surprised me. Elizabeth is though, but that's not my name.

My name is far more popular than I ever imagined!