New Public Computers

This past week we rolled out our new public computer stations at the Malletts Creek branch, bringing the number of locations with our new system to three (the others being Traverwood and West). The new stations have a few features that improve both hardware management and the user experience:

Traverwood Thin Clients

The new thin clients have standard VESA mounts on both the top and bottom. The bracket splits into two parts, with one part attaching with screws to the client and the other attaching to the table. Once you've made your cable connections you slide them back together. Super easy, and very solid. The thin clients run a customized version of linux, which gives us more control over configuration and remote access than the embedded windows of the old system. Once you log in to a computer, it launches a full screen remote Windows session, which is transparent to the user.

Break Out Boxes

The new system gives us better access to USB and audio on the stations, and to prevent any abuse of the thin client hardware we found these great breakout boxes with USB and audio cable extenders. This allows us to place the hardware further back under the tables but give easy access to the connections. If a port gets worn out, or (more likely) broken by a user, we can easily pop out that extender cable and pop in a new one.