Find out where your food comes from! Eat local, stay healthy!


With the recent scandals over food safety, knowing who produces your food and how it's produced has become ever more attractive. Many Ann Arborites, myself among them, eagerly await the return of the growing season and the Kerrytown Farmer's Market. Stone-Buhr, a major flour and wheat supplier in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho has introduced Find the Farmer which allows you to enter the lot number on your flour bag to find out which farm it came from. You can ask questions, see a list of producers and profiles on each, and access the Find the Farmer Blog. The New York Times caught the story and places Find the Farmer within the larger context of food safety and companies' accountability for safe production practices.

If you're interested in stretching your green thumb(s), Project Grow might be an organization to get involved with. You can volunteer your time, or even pay for a garden plot of your own.

And if you'd prefer the local vegetables, without the work, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) might be the thing for you. While some CSAs require a certain number of work hours, others function more like a co-op. There are several CSAs in the Ann Arbor/Washtenaw area.