The Grocer's Son

The Grocer's Son, is a wonderful coming of age story. A dramatic and sudden family event turns Antoine's, played by Nicolas Cazalé, world upside down.

Antoine had left home 10 years prior, and is living alone in Paris waiting tables. So when he learns his father had a heart attack, he realizes he will need to help run the family grocery business back home in the countyrside of Provence. This makes Antoine feel angry and torn. He doesn't want to leave Paris, but knows it is his duty to help his family.

He never wanted to go back to the countryside and assume the grocer lifestyle like his father. Just the thought of driving the family grocery van from hamlet to hamlet, and delivering his meager supplies is enough to make him shudder.

However, after contemplation and some coercion, he decides to move back home to help his family. He takes his Paris neighbor, Claire, with him. Claire, played by Clotilde Hesme, is a beautiful young woman with whom Antoine is secretly in love.

We begin to notice a transformation in Antoine as he gradually warms up to his grocer's job in the country. We witness him becoming an important part in the lives of the villagers. As he continues his grocer's job we see Antoine rediscover his life and find love in the beautiful countryside of Provence.