47th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival Begins!

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The 47th annual Ann Arbor Film Festival kicks off today, 3/24, after a winter of anticipation, with a full schedule of events and a wide range of ground-breaking films for audiences to experience. Tonight's main screening starts at 8:00pm and features 12 shorts, including the intriguing Oh Great Now Look What Happened, and the startling Team Taliban. From Wednesday through Friday, the festival will show the majority of films between the hours of 7pm and 11pm in the Michigan Theater's Main Theater and Screening Room. As a festival finale, Saturday and Sunday (3/28 and 3/29, respectively) are packed with events and screenings all day, from 10am to midnight.


The film fest is such an experience. Last night's screening was great. I can say that I really enjoyed most of the 12 short films. It made me want to go every night and catch the buzz. But I'll settle for just going once more this week.