Commencing the Menses

If you're particularly squeamish and don't like to hear about that "female problem," then skip this post and Rachel Kauder Nalebuff's new book My Little Red Book. But if you're up for a little humor, a little sympathetic cringing, check out this new arrival. Nalebuff, who will be an undergraduate student at Yale this coming fall, has compiled anecdotes from diverse women--from different nations, backgrounds, and professions--about their first periods. Now, I always take issue with the way that chick lit depicts women as NYC natives, stylish, single, glamorous, successful, and brand-conscious shopaholics. So, it's refreshing to see an anthology about women from all walks of life, recounting an experience that almost every women lives through--her first period. Every girl's got a story about "surfing the crimson wave" for the first time. And Nalebuff's collected a bunch of them! It'll definitely be interesting to see how the women represented in Nalebuff's book will refer to their "Aunt Flo."