Kid Bits - NEW Easy Chapter Books!

Is your young Reader stepping out of "Easy Readers" and into "Chapter Books"? Here are some suggestions from the NEW BOOK shelf.

Cinder Rabbit is very easy with double-spaced large print and one paragraph per page. There are cute bunny characters on every page.
Andy Shane Is Not In Love! is a new title the "andy Shane" series with a few paragraphs per page. There are pictures on almost every page.
Annie And Simon is an adorable big brother-little sister pair who share homey family episodes. There are a few paragraphs per page and each scene includes the family dog.
Bad To The Bone is a new title from the “Downgirl And Sit” series. From a dog-point-of-view, this series features single-spaced large print with full page pictures opposite each page of text.
The Haunted Hike is a new title in the “Elliott’s Park” series and may appeal to "Alvin and the Chipmunks" fans. It also features single-spaced large print text. The illustrations are computer-generated cartoon animals.