Cosplay Contest and DDR Expo APRIL 20!

Anime Convention

Thursday April 20, 6:30-8:30pm Downtown Multipurpose Room

Its the 2nd Annual Cosplay Contest! Come dressed at your favorite anime, manga or video game character to win prizes, or come just to see the show and dance to those fabulous J-pop tracks.

Costumes will be judged based on enthusiasm, knowledge of your character, costume quality and execution.


I may be able to go! I'm probably going as Ritsuka, from Loveless, even if I'm too tall. X3; So yeah, my costume will be simple. :0

摩族 トレン

Man, I can't make it. I so wanted to see people in strange costumes playing DDR.

I'm hoping someone has artificial elf ears...

Well, me, my brother and Greg do plan to go. So expect us. Also, since I can't make a decent costume (I'm pathetic at costume-making cheer me up if you can) can I just be the Star Wars Storm Trooper again or does it have to be an anime character?

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Man, I can't come. I wanted to dress up as Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia, but guess not. >>

Quote of the moment:

"I wear exploding penguins." ~Haley, friend


Glad you and Greg can make it, EBD. As for the costume, I am going to ask the higher powers that be about whether or not it would be okay for the contest. Of course you can show up in it, it's a great costume.. DDR might be a bit hard though. ^_^

Hey everyone - ok so basically I say COME ONE COME ALL. Any character that you come dressed as that you are enthusiastic about, know a lot about AND your costume is creative and well executed - you're in. So EBD - you are IN! See you then...

I have just whipped together my costume, and while it's not quite like the actual character due to my aversion to hotpants, we'll see if I did a good enough job to be recognizable.

Also, if one teen would like to sacrifice their chance to win the contest *cough* EBD *cough* they can help judge!

Do I want to recognize you costume Edith?

No way, I don't like to judge, sorry. BTW I might have to take off some pieces of the storm trooper so I can dance. (If you've seen me in it, it goes *clang* *clang* as I walk).

As for my brother, I have been nagging him to be Pyramid Head from Silent Hill (the new movie version). He has the Silent Hill 2 version (the white cotton on it was a Christmas joke we did to make it look like Santa Claus. Oh good, I just found a pic of his Captain Hans. If you didn't know, Hans is a bad guy from Hellsing (read the Mangas). Also since all of the villains in Hellsing are Nazis, Hans is the Werewolf Nazi (yes, he is a Werewolf and a Nazi).

And as for Greg.......I don't know what he wants to be. He usually is just some costume my brother has. Then they play DDR as a pair. And I'm left in the dust with a 56 pound Stromtrooper thats falling apart.

"OMG, That tastes like babies!"-Kevin S.
"Yeah...I was naked once"-...Duh, Kevin S.

How to keep an idiot busy, see below.
How to keep an idiot busy, see above.

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P.S. This guy made my day. He was at Youmacon was I.

whoops, didn't mean hotpants, I meant hot magenta pants. *smacks forehead* Wow, can't believe I posted that..

EBD, the Captain Hans link doesn't seem to be working.. and the Santa link is gross! Which I'm sure was the point..

I'm working on a Lina Inverse costume, and there is no way I'm going to invest in magenta pants! I also don't have the proper "giant gemstones" and pointy shoulder attachments for the cape, but I'm not in the contest, so I get a little leeway.

And here's a frighteningly well-edited AMV. Not the best music, but still interesting to watch.

Ok, Brian (my brother) just told me that if you guys are short of Judges, he can be a judge. Apparently he has had Costume Judging experience before at conventions. So... he would also like to be on the contest but he will sacrifice himself to be a judge if you really need one.

And sorry about the Captain Hans link. Here is a fixed link Captain Hans. It should work, tell me if it doesn't.

"OMG, That tastes like babies!"-Kevin S.
"Yeah...I was naked once"-...Duh, Kevin S.

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ARGH!! Whaa!! *crying*

I couldn't get my hands on some orange hair die.... I DON'T WANNA BE NAMI WITH BLACK HAIR!!

Oh well!~

I know how you feel.. I can't find a black headband and after much trying, I can't seem to simulate giant bangs.

*sigh* I may, for the sake of simplicity, just go as a miko..

Ooh, Brian has experience judging eh? Well, we shall see if he is needed or not.. I'm excited to see everyone's costumes.. DDR should be really fun to watch tonight.

Thanks to all who came, it was a fun night!

Hahahaha Edith that was a great mistake you made with the pants. I wish I could have come, it's been a while since I've been to a big costume Con. I wish you had taken pictures.

Ian, wrong Forum. Look on the Inuyasha Forum for pics of the Legato Costume. They weren't taken at the cosplay contest but they are still good.

"OMG, That tastes like babies!"-Kevin S.
"Yeah...I was naked once"-...Duh, Kevin S.

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Yes, for some reason I started on about the cosplay contest in the other thread.. oh well.

You will just have to come to InuYasha instead. ^_^