Tired of the same old Google?

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AADL Select Sites:Internet Search Engines

Sure, we've all "Googled" when we needed to find something on the internet. But have you ever "Asked," or even "Vivisimoed"? Ask.com and Vivisimo are two of the handy search engine alternatives to Google found in AADL Select Sites. These web tools can help you really find what you're looking for. Coupled with one our helpful guides to internet searching, you'll be a web searcher to be reckoned with!

Ask.com provides several useful features including previews of the webpages (move your mouse over the goggle icon), suggestions on how to narrow or expand your search, and even names of people associated with your search, e.g. Abraham Lincoln when you search "Civil War." You can even ask real questions instead of entering terms. Douglas Adams fans may appreciate Ask.com's response to "What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?"

Vivisimo takes an entirely different approach to searching. Instead of just giving you a boring old list of results, it categorizes the sites into "clusters" (look on the lefthand side of the screen) which you can use to explore your topic further. For instance, search Vivisimo for "meaning of life" and it enables you to narrow your search to spirituality, philosophy, or even the Monty Python movie!