Retro Octathalon, DDR, and Karaoke: This Weekend!

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This Friday April 14, AADL-GT is proud to present the first ever Retro Octathalon, an 8-game tour of videogame history with prizes for high scorers of all ages! We'll start off with qualifying rounds for each age bracket, with kids qualifiers from 1-3 PM, Teen qualifiers from 3-6 PM, and Adult qualifiers from 6-8 PM. Players will cycle through all 8 games, and the top 3 scores in each age bracket will win cool Retro Nintendo prizes from Wizzywig.

From 8-9 PM, the top scorers from each age bracket will face off against each other for a shot at a gamestop giftcard: $40 for first place, $30 for second, and $20 for third. Adult qualifiers and the finals will also be broadcast live on Comcast channel 18, so tune in if you can't make it!

We'll also have all-ages DDR on Saturday, 4/15 from Noon - 3 and all-ages Karaoke Revolution on Saturday, 4/15 from 3-5, plus open play on Monday! Come to the downtown library for some great gaming this weekend, and read on for details...

Here's the game lineup for the Retro Octathalon:

1. Super Mario Bros. 3 (1989)
2. Duck Hunt (1985)
3. Root Beer Tapper (1983)
4. Dig Dug (1982)
5. Galaga (1981)
6. Pac Man (1980)
7. Circus Atari (1979)
8. Space Invaders (1979)

Finals will be:

1. Rampage (1986)
2. Joust (1982)
3. Freeway or Outlaw (depending on Atari video quality)
Finals: Marble Madness (1984)

Registration is now open for these events, so get registered, and we'll see you this weekend!


Yay! Imma be on TV!

Guess what. I'm making flyers for this event! A lot of people in Huron don't know enough about this event and so I'm making some flyers. I hope I'll get them done before this Friday.

EDIT: huh, I just finished it. I e-mailed it to you eli. Hope you like it.

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i LOVE old school mario. but i don't think i can make it.


now i can show off my amazing Doc skillz

Caroline, when did you start posting on this?

I think i am a little too young to appreciate these games

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UPDATE: We may need to replace Super Mario Bros. with Super Mario Bros. 3, as we forgot that our copies of duck hunt and SMB are kinda on the same cartridge.... doh! So, if you're strategizing (cough omokusaki cough) you may want to prepare a high score strategy for 4 minutes of SMB 3. I kinda like that idea anyway, give our tournament a touch of The Wizard...

"So, if you're strategizing (cough omokusaki cough) you may want to prepare a high score strategy for 4 minutes of SMB 3."

OK, you folks are making me nervous. So is there going to be fun for people with nostalgia for circus atari and marble madness (or whatever) but who, um, totally suck? (And don't even remember how to play most of these games?...)

I'm sure there will be plent of people with about my level of gaming ability there.. *lowers hand to the floor*

The only games I ever achieved some level of success with were Joust and the 8 bit version of Ali Baba and the Fourty Thieves (blurry yellow on black, yeah!)..

I loved The Wizard, it was Rain Man for the tween set!

Well, if you want I can bring my non Duck Hunt packaged version of Super Mario Brothers with me...but then again I don't feel like driving to Ann Arbor before 6pm :-P.

Therefore SMB3 is fine with me. Thanks for letting me know.

Remember The Power Glove?

Yeah, "it's so bad"

Kinda has more than one meaning.

That was fun!!! Congratulations to Duck, who won in the Teen bracket with an impressive score of approximately 170,000, I think, and to Omukasaki, who won the Adult bracket with an awe-inspiring 400,000+ points and who went on to take first prize!!!
And many thanks to Eli for letting me compete even though I came three hours late, and for enlightening us with his incredible knowledge of obscure, but extremely interesting, video game trivia!!

..... Eli's joke deserves a mention here, but it requires a bit of background information. In the semifinals, contestants played "Highway", a game somewhat like the better-known "Frogger", the objective of which is to cross an eight-lane highway (or maybe twelve...), using a chicken.

Eli's joke, as I recall it: "Why does the chicken cross the road?? To compete in "Marble Madness!!!"

Thanks Pickwick. Dude, if you were there you should have said something. When I go to those tournaments I tend to just go into my own little world and not pay attention to much else that's going on around me.

Anyway, I wanted to thank Eli as well for having a tournament that didn't test your skill in only one game, but how good you were at adapting to multiple situations (high points vs. elimination) over multiple games....and also for the bananas. Those were delicious.

Eli, I heard you mention something about torrent while I was there. Are you planning on throwing a video of the tournament online for download?

Pickwick I scored 220,000ish but that really doesn't matter. Omukasaki dwarfed my score pretty handily. My prize was one of the coolest things I have won.

Oh and here is EBD.

Yeah this is me, Evil Bus Driver now, I'm spending the night at Ian's. Oh yes and Pickwick, most of Eli's "knowledge" of game trivia was actually Wikipedia talking. As well as that joke which was said as "why did the chicken cross the road?" which was also mentioned by Wikipedia. Eli just added in the "to play marble madness" part. I'm not trying to steal your thunder, Eli but I just didn't want to make you sound too much of a expert at retro games. You're making the rest of us look like........"whipper-snapppers".


Oh come on! I didn't even start looking at wikipedia until the event was almost over, and I wanted to see what state the ET cartridges were really buried in since I couldn't remember if it was arizona or nevada (it's new mexico). Most of that stuff was off the cuff and you know it, EBD! Actually, since you're sitting right here, maybe I should just go smack you. =)

Thanks to everyone for coming, it was a very cool event and I had a lot of fun finally putting my previously useless knowledge to some practical use. Diego and I did record the event, and we're talking about how best to make it available after trimming out some of the dead air. I think a torrent would be pretty cool.

Well, you could do Torrent and in addition throw it up somewhere like google video or youtube for those that would rather stream it.

Sorry, Duck, for underselling your score by nearly a third.... Oopsie!
And sorry, Omukasaki, for not saying saying "Howdy"; I didn't actually know who you were until you received your prize for winning in the Adults bracket. Also, I'm a bit shy...

Who will be at the Open Play on Monday??

I shall be at the freeplay monday, but i think we've established that :P

Thomas, i must play you again

(chainthrows start at 45% :P:P:P)

Unfortunately, I can't come today... The arbitrary decree of an irate parent has been issued. Hope you have fun, anyway!!! I'll play you some other time.

oh well, it was still fun without you :P

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Umm, Eli, is it possible by your power to delete unessasary posts? I believe someone just made a stupid profile to screw with people. I was listening to AC/DC's TNT and this kid just ruined it. So, you, "I dont know", If your a Narutard (hardcore Naruto fan), how 'bout going Here to join other Narutards. You're on the wrong Forum and we (or at least I) don't want you here.

On a better note, I had mucho fun at the open play. The only problem I had was there was just too many little kids just wanting to talk while I was playing Duck Hunt or SMB. Stuff like "you know that you can go up that platform and warp to world 4?" AAUGH!!! I FRIGGIN KNOW!! DON'T BOTHER ME!!

"OMG, That tastes like babies!"-Kevin S.
"Yeah...I was naked once"-...Duh, Kevin S.

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How to keep an idiot busy, see above.

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P.S. Now I'm listening to Aerosmith's Dude looks like a Lady. This is putting me in a good mood.

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Eli, when is the next Melee Tournament? I seem to have misplaced my AADL calendar....

Friday May 19th (6-9pm DT/MP) is the next Super Smash Throwdown.

Super Smash Throwdown? Sweet doodoo! Im awesome with Pichu, and Doodoo. Im gonna kick ur doodoo buns! Im the best here. Im the hugest Naruto fan and im the best at Super Smash DooDoo. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

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ewwwwww the blog is all stretched out =o

I'm going to email Eli and ask about the.. er.. stretchiness.

And to keep you entertained.. a little gaming humor.

Edith - you have magical admin powers, don't you? You just need to edit his post and insert spaces enough to do linebreaks and unstretch it.

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Sadly enough I do not have magical admin powers.. but Eli is going to take care of everything. :)

Troll droppings have been neutralized.

I vote for Edith being given magical admin powers.

I had magical admin powers once... When I was using the computer to commentate and discovered that we were logged into Eli's account. But we didn't use our powers at all...

"Faulheit ist eine Tugend"

Are there more details about the State of Gaming panel coming?

"Faulheit ist eine Tugend"

Eli this is just an idea to ponder. The oclahon taste your skills in 8 old school games (or something like that) For the NGC there are 4 mario sports games (soccer,tennis,baseball,golf) using you extreme skills in planning tourneys do u think u could come up with a way to make a tourney out of those. One problem is that all except golf i think are $50.
Maybe give like 3 qualifaction holes on golf. Also like madden style 4 minute games in soccer. baseball you could have 3 inning blitz games and tennis do like best of 3 or make that the co-op game. Just an idea.

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"If you don't offer them something that has value to them now, you're going to be irrelevant to them for the rest of their lives. It's not a risk we can afford to take."

I like that idea, but I will admit that we do have a bias. We currently have two mario sports games. The thing about mario sports game is that they are basically multiplayer games. None of them have great single-player replay value.

I am also interested in more details about the panel.


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