Animanga Club: Naruto vs. Full Metal Alchemist

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They're short. They're blond. One is cursed with a fox spirit, the other is missing limbs. Who would prevail in an all out contest? UPDATE: Ed is winning.. and check out the AMVs!

Two of the hottest anime/manga series go head to head on May 11th at Malletts Creek. Be there to have your say, see episodes from both series, and eat lots of brownies. Bring your fan art, DVDs(if you have a fav ep), books, etc. Blog responses to this and related threads will get prizes!


I find all of Naruto's main characters to be rather annoying, with the exception of the teacher whose name eludes me at the moment. So I would have to cheer for Ed. Plus Ed happens to be much smarter than Naruto and would out wit him.

I dunno.. Ed has this problem with underestimating his opponents..

But Naruto has the habit of overestimating what he can do. So the estimating breaks even.

I like Ed. 1.) His name isn't a food (if I can find some naruto, I'll bring it) 2.) He's like my friend Yun-Yun. (Really, her nickname is Yuki, but....) Short. And he gets angry and kills people when called short or shrimp. Just like Yun-Yun. (I have a bruse to prove it)

Ed is cool. Just because. He's just funnier than Naruto, I guess. And less annoying. O_o

are you kiding me? thts not even fair ed would PWN naruto sraight up and even if he didnt he has al to back him up and naruto couldnt kill al because i dought he is smart enough to figure out about al's blood seal AND even is THAT failed they have there teacher she would own all of team seven at the same time no dought that FMA pwns naruto there both like my favorite anime's but i just think if naruto went all cat-like on him ed would be like WHACHAAAAAAA and make a wall or something or make a gun pop out of the ground or turn his right arm into a blade a go SHFINK! and naruto would be like "OW" and ed would be like "OMG NOBBIE GOT PWNED!!!!" or "BOOM! HEADSHOT" ok i think i have gotten my point across

I dislike them both. ;;>__>

But Envy gets eternal love for being a big puppy dog, and Itachi gets eternal love for...looking reallyreally old. +D

Ohhhhhh, and Riza. She's the best. So my vote is to the MANGA of Fullmetal. ;;;>____>

Shat, shoulda bought all of Naruto at BookOff...oh well.

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Definetly fullmatel i dont have to list the reasons cause you all beat me to them but there is also the fact that Fullmetal is much more depressing than naruto
(depressing stuff is always the best stuff out there)

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Having just finished watching the FMA anime series (sob), I can definitely say I found FMA to be much more depressing than Naruto, and the anime is much more *powerful*.. However, I think I prefer the Naruto manga to the FMA manga. I love fluffy fighting! And snotty crying is very entertaining.

Envy, adorable? WHAT??!! He's soooo.. not healthy!

B-but, he's a puppy! ;__; With a bunch of bodies hanging off of him! Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute~ <3

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o_O; Your idea and my idea of a puppy are a wee bit different..

Has anyone else watched the whole FMA series or read the books? I've only read a couple of the books, and I'm not sure if its worth reading the rest if I've already seen the anime series.

Yeah I watched the series and I know several others that have. I like my puppies with garlic and onions.

Have you seen Envy's true form? XD; It's seriously a big puppy dog. :>

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Don't forget all the heads. xD

I haven't read too much of the manga, but it's supposed to be somewhat different from the anime (although I haven't watched the whole series, either O_o).

Anime Naruto

Ta-daaah! Once again, I bring you humorous stuff from YouTube.. because my papers are boring to write.

Ninja of the Night: Watch Naruto and Sasuke discuss being ninjas and sing a beautiful duet.

Lord of the Rings: Picture Roy Mustang as Aragorn.. the rest of the cast is totally random.

Prank Call: IF you know Arfenhouse 2 is this funny.. if you don't know Arfenhouse 2.. its still funny.

Feel Great: Naruto eats ramen noodles.. and the rest is parody.

We are the Champions: Roy Mustang again.. hee!