The Guild of Geniuses

Frederick Lipton is a Movie Star. As is often the case with Movie Stars, his best friend is a monkey: Mr. Pip. They find themselves in need of the services of The Guild of Geniuses, a co-ed group of four wizened, lab-coated scientists who solve any problem and offer prizes to those who are able to stump them, although it is noted that they haven't yet had to give out a single prize.

This is Dan Santat's first book, both as an author and an illustrator, and while the story is sweet, it's also a bit dull. The art, however, is stylish, colorful, and retro-geeky, reminiscent of Mo Willems' excellent animated works such as The Off-Beats and Sheep in the Big City.

It will be back on the shelf as soon as I can pry it out of my son's hands.


How's that, Ed? =]

thanks Eli :)

Mo Willems also did Don't let the pigeon drive the bus - a good one if you are a fan of fiction about bus drivers.

Edward Vielmetti